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Our mission To improve the quality of medical care for adventurers

Quality of diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation

Our doctors have expert status in their field. They are subspecialised in musculoskeletal (MSK) radiology, constantly educating themselves, participating in expert forums and educating the future experts of radiology.

It is of great importance for us to cooperate with clinical doctors who are experts themselves. We take the selection process very seriously and want to achieve specialisation at the joint level (e.g. shoulder or knee specialists).

We select physiotherapy centres that have sufficient experience and know-how with adventure sports injuries.

"Assembly line work doesn't suit us."

Milen Golchev, M.D., Specialist in Radiology and Founder of Tiamana

Create and establish future-proof workflows

Due to many years of international professional experience, we were able to learn about different healthcare system models. We combined this with our digital DNA and analysed the challenges that can arise in the context of a modern pandemic. We are working on a workflow that you can benefit from the most.

Reduce the "return to play" time

Although there are injuries that could keep you out for a whole season, we work hard to reduce the time from the onset of injury to return to activity.

We can achieve this by eliminating unnecessary steps and establishing collaborations with treatment centres that care about high patient satisfaction and optimised services. Our nationwide examination centres save you time and bring the expertise to your area.

Increase injury awareness and prevent injuries

The best injury from an athlete's perspective is no injury. Nevertheless, we see many people at varying levels of sporting ability who recklessly embark on great adventures and suffer injuries that could be avoided with adequate preparation.

The list here is long - from building fitness and using the right equipment to seminars (e.g. avalanche courses) or simply carrying sunscreen on the beach.

We look at your treatment as a whole process - you should look at your activities in a similar way.